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Irish Robotics is a FIRST Robotics Challenge team. The FIRST Robotics Challenge is a nationwide robotics competition for students in 9th to 12th grade. Every year students are given a challenge. These challenges vary from year to year but have included building robots that can shoot balls, pick up and hang balloons, and climb ladders. Elements are changed every year to present a new set of problems to be solved using the robot. Students are given only six weeks to design, build, and test a robot for competition.

Rosemount Irish Robotics has competed in every tournament since 2008.  We are a growing and motivated team always interested in new members.  Our team has positions for students interested in all levels of activities:

  • Computer Programming.  Our programming mentors have over 20 years of combined experience doing programming for a number of applications,  including integrated systems, ‘big data’ database, and real time systems.
  • Marketing.  Our team is primarily self-funded.  Fundraising, recruiting, and positive image management are all large parts of successful Robotics teams.  Students who take up the effort of marketing the robotics team get real world experience working with sponsors, students, faculty, and start developing a real contacts list before leaving high school!
  • Design and Construction.  Putting a robot together is not simply done with guesswork and approximation.  Components are designed using the latest CAD/CAM software.  Students are given direct access to this software, they can learn and apply this knowledge.
  • Photography, Blogging, and Web Publishing.  Our team strives to keep fastidious records of all of our exploits.  Having students interested in writing and photography makes this easier.  We maintain a team website, blog, and twitter account all of which has the content directly made by our students.

Robotics turns classroom learning into real world problem solving!

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