Our Past Robots

This is where we’ll be keeping a historical account of our past robots.  To watch this year’s robot develop, click on news!

  • 2018 – Power Up
    Here is the teaser for this year’s competition, Power Up! This year’s game animation:   Below are pictures of this year’s finished robot!!
  • 2017 – Steamworks
    Here is the kick-off video for this year! Our team strategy prioritizes the gear and climbing the rope, but we also have a group working on shooting the balls into the high goal. Here are some action shots from the middle of the build season:  
  • 2015 – Recycle Rush
    A new year; a new challenge. This year, we had to design a bot that was able to stack totes and barrels. After a few different design ideas, we decided on a claw that was able to lift both barrels and totes, and stack 2-3 totes with a barrel on top. Here’s a link to […]
  • 2016 – Stronghold
    The competition this year is one of the most intricate competitions in a while. The challenge is has a medieval theme, with each side having their own castle. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s castle by throwing boulders into the goals on the castle. Each side has 4 defenses that change per round; anything from […]
  • 2014 – Aerial Assist
    Our robot was designed with the upmost in flexibility. In order to take advantage of every scoring opportunity we designed a catapult for throwing the ball high and our ‘Mouse Trap’ for passing and picking up the ball from the ground. Sheila provided us with a solid performance, finishing 17th out of 60 teams with […]
  • 2013 – Ultimate Ascent
    FRC Teams were tasked with building a robot that could deliver frisbees to goals and optionally climb the central tower to score additional points in the last moments of the game.  Our strategy was to build a simple-yet-effective “dumper”-style robot.  It can lift itself off the ground to score an additional 10-points but the focus […]
  • 2011 – Logomotion
    From the 2011 FRC Competition WikiPedia Page: Logo Motion is the 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition game. Playing pieces are inner tubes shaped like the components of the FIRST logo. The primary objective of the game is to place them on racks to gain points. In the endgame, robots deploy smaller robots (“minibots”) to climb a tower.[4] Minibots must be made from the FIRST Tech […]
  • 2010 – Breakaway
    From the 2010 FRC Competition Wikipedia Page: Robots play Breakaway on a 27 by 54-foot rectangular field[7] known as the field. The field is bordered by a set of guardrails and alliance walls. There are two “bumps” in the field that divide it into three zones. During matches, the robots are controlled from alliance stations located […]
  • 2009 – Lunacy
    From the 2009 FRC Wikipedia Page: Lunacy is the game for the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition. Announced on January 3, 2009, the name and some of the features of the game honor the 40th anniversary of the first manned mission to the Moon (Latin: Luna). It is FRC’s 18th game.[4] This is the first FRC competition to […]