Final Schedule for Competition


Duck, Adric, Matt H, Joe H will be meeting at the school to load the robot, toolbox, and battery box.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Everyone interested in going on Thursday must contact Duck! We will be meeting at the school at 7:00AM! If you’re not there then we will leave without you.  We will be getting back to the school at roughly 6:00PM.  We will do our best to make provisions for folks to call their parents when we are on our way home.

WEAR YOUR TEAM GEAR!  Especially important for Friday and Saturday!  I’d like to take some team pictures on Friday!

Special Notes About Saturday

We will be playing the end-time of Saturday by-ear. After the robot is packed up then many of you will be able to leave if we are not in finals.  No matter what you do, you need to let Duck know if you are coming or going.


We will be going out for lunches on all three days please bring money, it will be roughly $10 per day for a lunch in Dinkytown.  Do not bring in food.  Do not try to sneak it in.  If you do so, I will ask you to call your parents for a ride home and you will not be welcome back.  We are getting very stern messages from tournament staff about this.

Daily Deets

Check out the PDF below to get exact details on the day-to-day schedule.