Our Tower is Built

And looking handsomely stable.

This “tower” is actually our analog for a part of the field that will be at competition.  We intend to get our robot to grab this bar and lift itself up off the ground.  This is no small feat given our robots 120 lbs weight!  We do suspect after rigorous testing (see photo) that our test-rig will hold the necessary metal mass.

Thoroughly Testing Equipment is key to Victory.

Thoroughly Testing Equipment is key to Victory.


Practice on MLK – 1/21/2013

We’ll not be meeting in the evening but meeting from 9-12 at RHS.  Meet at the Front Doors and we will head back once everyone has gathered.  We now have:

  1. Our tower built.
  2. A frame ready to have motors and wiring started.  Also we need some bumpers for it!  Bring drills because there are no current mounting holes!!!

Mr Towsley and Duck will be available.

Practice Schedule

For anyone missing a practice schedule (or concept of it):

  • Monday – Thursday, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • There will no longer be Thursday 4:00-6:00PM practices.  We will go later on Thursdays if admin stuff takes up too much time.

There is a slight change in schedule for 1/4/2012! We will be starting at 7:30! Thank you!  

If you cannot get into the building please wait in cars (where it is warm) until someone can come open the front door for you.  If you cannot get back to N12 or the tech-ed wing then please wait inside the front door.

Also note: The expectation is not to be at all four practices.  The expectation is two and that any task you are assigned is not holding up the works.  We can talk more about that at practice.

8th Grade Information Night

In order to increase awareness of our program we spent the evening with parents of 8th graders.  The event was hosted by the school to inform 8th grade parents of all the programs, classes, and opportunities for new students at Rosemount High School.  As a relatively small and mostly unknown program we thought it would be fun to make a showing.  We handed out some flyers to interested parents and even chase a few of them around with the robot we threw together in about 2 hours!  It was a great “make it work session” that will help us as the season continues.