2014 Banquet

The Banquet will be Wednesday, April 23rd at 7:00PM in the PAC Lobby!

Some protocol: Bring a Dessert to Share and a Beverage for yourself.

This is when y’all receive your letters! And the special team award!

The Catapult is Coming to Life!




The catapult

The catapult

This is the catapult arm. It is made out of steel. It is powered by 10 feet of surgical tubing folded over into 24 strands.  The arm is hooked into place by an aluminum hook.  A winch powered by a AndyMark  PG71 Gearmotor pulls the surgical tubing back, “priming” the catapult.  Once the hook is powered forward, the catapult arm is released. The arm is stopped at a certain angle which causes the ball to fly into a ten point goal. All of this will be automated. We’ll be using a Kinect for distance sensing.