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Snap Raise Fundraiser

Donation goal live! Help us reach our goal of $2000!

Your support will help us offer a higher quality experience for all our students. You will be getting a receipt for your gift. If you could please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing it with your friends on Email, Text Message, Facebook and Twitter we would greatly appreciate it. Our young men and women have been working hard to properly represent this great school and town. Any support is greatly appreciated. Go Irish – Coach Zickrick


The Catapult is Coming to Life!




The catapult

The catapult

This is the catapult arm. It is made out of steel. It is powered by 10 feet of surgical tubing folded over into 24 strands.  The arm is hooked into place by an aluminum hook.  A winch powered by a AndyMark  PG71 Gearmotor pulls the surgical tubing back, “priming” the catapult.  Once the hook is powered forward, the catapult arm is released. The arm is stopped at a certain angle which causes the ball to fly into a ten point goal. All of this will be automated. We’ll be using a Kinect for distance sensing.

The Frame is Coming to Life!

The frame is made out of aluminum. Covering the frame is a steel exoskeleton. The
robot runs on a direct drive train powered by CIM motors. In each of the four corners are Omni wheels. Since the corners are Omni wheels, the pivot point of the robot will be in the center, making it easier to aim the robot.